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Karll Kruse is the Service Director. Charlie Hoch is a Master Technician with over 40 years of experience.
Jacob Catterson, Terran Kaether and Ben Wilkins are technicians.

Karll, Ben and CharlieKarll, Ben and Charlie

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Computer Diagnostics

A computer diagnosis provides a quick, accurate assessment of your vehicle's major functions and can actually help you SAVE money by identifying problems that cause your car or truck to operate less efficiently, such as the need for a transmission or oil change, a check engine light, the condition of your brake pads and rotor, air conditioning efficiency, tire inflation, radiator fluid levels and condition, and just about EVERYTHING that makes your vehicle function and protect you and your family.

Get a thorough car inspection and engine diagnostic from the auto mechanic pros at Kruse Motor Sales, and extend the life and improve the safety of YOUR car or truck!

Brake Repair Service

Are you experiencing a brake warning light, noisy brakes or a spongy brake pedal? Bring your vehicle in for a complete brake inspection at least once a year to make sure your brakes are at their very best when you need them.

Exhaust and Muffler Repair

Stop by Kruse Motors today for an exhaust system inspection. Timely muffler repair and exhaust replacement keeps your car or truck QUIETLY humming along, while reducing emissions and improving gas efficiency.

Car & Truck Tires

In addition to offering both new and used truck and car tires, tire service includes a complete inspection, tire rotation, and will balance your tires in order to keep you on the road winter and summer!

Radiator Repair

Your car or truck radiator helps keep your vehicle running cool and efficiently UNTIL it  gets clogged or corroded and triggers a check engine light. Help YOUR radiator keep your vehicle cool with radiator repair from the licensed mechanics at Kruse Motor Sales.

Belt and Hose Replacement

Protect your vehicle from unnecessarily  expensive auto repairs with a regular inspection and replacement of engine hoses and belts as indicated by your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

Make sure you and your family travel in comfort with heating or AC repair from our auto mechanics, who are experts at identifying and repairing Freon leaks and other problems associated with automotive climate control systems.


 A tune up from the Car Care Center at Kruse motor Sales will insure optimal engine and fuel efficiency by making sure your ignition, fuel and emission systems are all working together to achieve peak combustion chamber efficiency.

Oil Changes

NOTHING is more vital to the efficiency and life of your vehicle than regular oil changes, and Karll and his team will give your vehicle a complete oil change and get you on your way as quickly as anyone around!

Batteries, Starters and Alternators

Cold, Wisconsin mornings are not time to discover you have a starter or alternator problem! Whether its a loose belt or failing car battery, starter or alternator, let the crew at Kruse Motor Sales help keep your car or truck starting and charging for the power you need when you need it!

Fuel Injection Work

A well functioning fuel injection system can save you money on fuel consumption AND give your car or truck the passing power you need when you need it! A Kruse Motor Sales fuel injection service from restores peak performance, fuel efficiency, and can help avoid costly engine repairs and getting your vehicle's power back to the optimal level.

Shocks, Springs and Struts

Whether you need shock absorbers, air shocks or struts for your car or truck, the smooth ride experts at Kruse Motor Sales have the diagnostics equipment and technical know-how to diagnose and repair any suspension problem or alignment issue.

Scheduled Auto Maintenance

Your vehicle comes with a manufacturer recommended schedule of maintenance services has a recommended schedule of services designed to both extend and maximize the life of your car. From a radiator or transmission flush, tune up or oil change to tire and timing belt replacements, the many various parts and systems of your vehicle do can fail and require replacement and repair at ANY time! A regularly scheduled car inspection, engine diagnostic and safety check can insure optimum performance and efficiency for:

  • Windshield Wipers
  • All Brake, Running and Head Lights
  • Engine Hoses & Belts
  • Tire Pressure & Alignment
  • Exhaust  & Suspension System
  • Check for fluid leaks and optimum levels for ALL fluids: oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, differentials, transfer case, anitfreeze and Freon

Emergency truck and auto repair can be EXPENSIVE! So let the the friendly auto mechanics at Kruse Motor Sales perform the diagnostic and other auto repairs you need to help keep YOUR car or truck running at peak efficiency! Call 608-356-4919 TODAY!!

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